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AuSoundCreateBucketFromData(3) Library Functions Manual AuSoundCreateBucketFromData(3)


AuSoundCreateBucketFromData - create a bucket and initialize its contents.


#include <audio/audiolib.h>
#include <audio/soundlib.h>

AuBucketID AuSoundCreateBucketFromData(server, sound, data, access, attributes, status)
AuServer *server;
Sound sound;
AuPointer data;
AuUint32 access;
AuBucketAttributes **attributes; /* RETURN */
AuStatus *status; /* RETURN */


Specifies the connection to the audio server.
Specifies the audio data description.
Specifies the audio data for the bucket.
Specifies the access restrictions the bucket should have.
If non-NULL, returns the attributes of the created bucket.
If non-NULL, flush the output buffer and return the status from the server.


AuSoundCreateBucketFromData creates a bucket, initializing the contents with the audio data from data, and returns the bucket ID or AuNone if there was error.


AuBadValue, AuBadLength, AuBadAlloc.

See Also


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