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AuRegisterEventHandler(3) Library Functions Manual AuRegisterEventHandler(3)


AuRegisterEventHandler - add an event handler.


#include <audio/audiolib.h>

AuEventHandlerRec *AuRegisterEventHandler(server, value_mask, type, id, callback data)
AuServer *server;
AuMask value_mask;
int type;
AuID id;
AuBool (*callback)(AuServer *, AuEvent *, AuEventHandlerRec *);
AuPointer data;


Specifies the connection to the audio server.
Specifies which values are checked to determine if this handler should handle an event. This should be an inclusive OR of AuEventHandlerTypeMask and AuEventHandlerIDMask.
Specifies the type of event that are to be handled by this handler. This should be one of these constants: AuEventTypeElementNotify, AuEventTypeGrabNotify, or AuEventTypeMonitorNotify.
Specifies the source id of the event that are to be handled by this handler.
Specifies the procedure to handle the event.
Specifies additional data to be passed to the event handler.


AuRegisterEventHandler registers an event handler for future use by AuDispatchEvent.

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