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AuLookupEventHandler(3) Library Functions Manual AuLookupEventHandler(3)


AuLookupEventHandler - find the next handler for an event.


#include <audio/audiolib.h>

AuEventHandlerRec *AuLookupEventHandler(server, event, start)
AuServer *server;
AuEvent *event;
AuEventHandlerRec *start;


Specifies the connection to the audio server.
Specifies the event to find a handler for.
Specifies the starting position.


AuLookupEventHandler searches the list of registered event handlers starting with startwith, and returns the next event handler or NULL if there isnt one.

See Also

AuDispatchEvent, AuRegisterEventHandler, AuUnregisterEventHandler.

audiolib - Network Audio System C Language Interface

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