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Acme::POE::Knee(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Acme::POE::Knee(3pm)


Acme::POE::Knee - Time sliced pony race using the POE kernel.


version 1.12


    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    use strict;
    # Use POEny!
    use Acme::POE::Knee;
    # Every Acme::POE::Knee race will require a set of arguments.
    # There are defaults but it's just more fun to set these
    # yourselves. We set a distance the ponies must run and of course
    # we name our race ponies! You'll have to specify the maximum
    # delay a pony can have before reaching the next stage.
    # The lower the delay, the higher the chances are the pony will
    # win the race.
    my $pony = new Acme::POE::Knee (
              dist   => 20,
        ponies  => {
            'dngor'     => 5,
            'Abigail'   => 5.2,
            'Co-Kane'   => 5.4,
            'MJD'       => 5.6,
            'acme'      => 5.8,
    # start the race
    $pony->race( );


POE::Knee is an acronym of "Pony". We all like ponies. And wouldn't we love to race ponies? Well, that's what Acme::POE::Knee is for!

It's great for those friday afternoons at the office, where you wonder who will pay the beer tab. Whoever 'wins' the race, loses!

You specify a distance the ponies must run, and a maximum delay before the pony will reach the next step. So, the bigger the delay, the bigger the distance between multiple ponies can be.

Of course this wouldn't be any fun if we couldn't name the ponies ourselves. Here, we simply put all our race ponies in an array reference and the Acme::POE::Knee module will take care of the rest.


Please see the samples directory in POE's distribution for several well-commented sample and tutorial programs.

Please see <> for an excellent, and more importantly: gradual, introduction to POE.

USING Acme::POE::Knee

Using Acme::POE::Knee is really easy. This simple progam would already suffice:

    use strict;
    use Acme::POE::Knee;
    my $pony = new Acme::POE::Knee;

This will use the defaults of the POE::Knee module, but you can of course specify your own arguments, as shown in the synopsis.

The Use of Acme::POE::Knee

Use, yes... Useful? Probably not. This was written in response to a rather persistent meme on #perl (you know who you are!). Basicly, we all wanted ponies. Well folks, here it is.

Its source might be interesting to look at for newcomers to POE to see how this time slicing works.

Learning more about POE

POE has a mailing list at You can receive subscription information by sending e-mail:

  Subject: (anything will do)
  The message body is ignored.

All forms of feedback are welcome.

POE has a web site where the latest development snapshot, along with the Changes file and other stuff may be found: <>


  • Jos Boumans <>
  • Rocco Caputo <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Jos Boumans.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.

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