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genpng(1) User Manuals genpng(1)


genpng - Generate an overview image from a source file


genpng [-h|--help] [-v|--version]

[-t|--tab-size tabsize] [-w|--width width] [-d|--dark-mode]
[-o|--output-filename output-filename]


genpng creates an overview image for a given source code file of either plain text or .gcov file format.

Note that the Perl module has to be installed for this script to work (it may be obtained from

Note also that genpng is called from within genhtml so that there is usually no need to call it directly.



Print a short help text, then exit.


Print version number, then exit.

-t tab-size
--tab-size tab-size

Use tab-size spaces in place of tab.

All occurrences of tabulator signs in the source code file will be replaced by the number of spaces defined by tab-size (default is 4).

-w width
--width width

Set width of output image to width pixel.

The resulting image will be exactly width pixel wide (default is 80).

Note that source code lines which are longer than width will be truncated.


Use a light-display-on-dark-background color scheme rather than the default dark-display-on-light-background.

-o filename
--output-filename filename

Write image to filename.

Specify a name for the resulting image file (default is source-file.png).


Peter Oberparleiter <>


lcov(1), genhtml(1), geninfo(1), gendesc(1), gcov(1)

LCOV 1.16 2022-06-06