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KATEX(1) User Commands KATEX(1)


katex - fast, easy-to-use JavaScript library for TeX math rendering


cli [options]


output the version number
Render math in display mode, which puts the math in display style (so \int and \sum are large, for example), and centers the math on the page on its own line.
Determines the markup language of the output.
Render display math in leqno style (left-justified tags).
Render display math flush left.
Render errors (in the color given by --error-color) instead of throwing a ParseError exception when encountering an error.
A color string given in the format 'rgb' or 'rrggbb' (no #). This option determines the color of errors rendered by the -t option.
Define custom macro of the form '\foo:expansion' (use multiple -m arguments for multiple macros). (default: [])
Specifies a minimum thickness, in ems, for fraction lines, `\sqrt` top lines, `{array}` vertical lines, `\hline`, `\hdashline`, `\underline`, `\overline`, and the borders of `\fbox`, `\boxed`, and `\fcolorbox`.
Makes \color behave like LaTeX's 2-argument \textcolor, instead of LaTeX's one-argument \color mode change.
Turn on strict / LaTeX faithfulness mode, which throws an error if the input uses features that are not supported by LaTeX.
Trust the input, enabling all HTML features such as \url.
If non-zero, all user-specified sizes, e.g. in \rule{500em}{500em}, will be capped to maxSize ems. Otherwise, elements and spaces can be arbitrarily large
Limit the number of macro expansions to the specified number, to prevent e.g. infinite macro loops. If set to Infinity, the macro expander will try to fully expand as in LaTeX.
Read macro definitions, one per line, from the given file.
Read LaTeX input from the given file.
Write html output to the given file.
display help for command
December 2022 katex 0.16.4