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 icewm-menu-xrandr - IceWM menu provider for multi-monitor setup shortcuts




icewm-menu-xrandr is a helper to manage multi-screen configurations in a semi-automated way. It is a regular icewm menu generator which dynamically detects the available xrandr screens (i.e. connected monitors) and creates menu entries that call the xrandr command to setup this configuration.

Optionally, the contents of the generated configurations can be accessed on-the-fly through a "quick-switch" style menu which pops up upon pressing Super-P key binding (or a manually configured key, see icewm-keys(5) for the configuration of switchkey directive).

The tool does not examine the exact monitor resolutions, refresh rates or screen orientation. For this matters it uses auto selected mode by default. However, it is possible to replace the custom option selection for each output using xrandr options in a custom configuration file (see CONFIGURATION below). Also tuning specific options like --brightness and --gamma is possible there.

The displayed name of the monitors is constructed using the output name and the monitor information from its EDID data (either from its "Display Name" field or from the "Unspecified ASCII text" fields (concatenated).


Obsolete and ineffective option. Used to select the xrandr mode with the highest detected refresh rate. However, the maximum rate might cause problems, therefore the explicit configuration in the INI file should be used now, see CONFIGURATION.
Adding a auto-incremented numbered prefix to each display name, optionally started at the specified value. This mostly useful for menu creation.
Replacement for xrandr command which should deliver equivalent data and accept the same options as xrandr.
A shortcut to run the activation command of the specified combo, just like IceWM would run the commmand when selected from the menu or quick-switch dialog. The combo-name parameter needs to match the displayed name exactly.


Optionally, a local configuration can specify command line options to xrandr calls, and further commands to run after mode switching.

Refer to configuration examples (xrandr_menu) in icewm documentation or its contrib folder for the syntax and rules of that file. It can be placed into $HOME/.config/icewm or into $HOME/.icewm or wherever $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.config/icewm might resolve to.


icewm(1), xrandr(1).


Please report bugs at <>.


Eduard Bloch <>.


icewm-menu-xrandr is licensed under the Simplified BSD License. IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution.

2023-02-05 icewm 3.3.1