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hwloc-dump-hwdata - Dump topology and locality information from hardware tables


hwloc-dump-hwdata [options]


save output files to directory <dir> instead of the default /run/hwloc/ that was specified at configure time.

You may want to set the HWLOC_DUMPED_HWDATA_DIR environment variable as well so that the hwloc library looks for dumped files in that same directory.

Report version and exit.
Display help message and exit.


hwloc may benefit from some locality and topology information from SMBIOS or ACPI tables. They are accessible from raw hardware files under directories such /sys/firmware/dmi/ or /sys/firmware/acpi/ on Linux. These files are usually only accessible to root, and they only exist when there is dmi-sysfs support in the Linux kernel.

The hwloc-dump-hwdata tool dumps the useful contents of such files into human-readable and world-accessible files. The intent is to run the tool once during boot and have the main (non-privileged) hwloc library gather information from these human-readable files.

hwloc-dump-hwdata is currently only useful for Intel Xeon Phi processors (Knights Landing and Knights Mill).

The current list of dumped information is:

gathered from specific SMBIOS entries such as /sys/firmware/dmi/entries/14-* and /sys/firmware/dmi/entries/160-*, and saved in file knl_memoryside_cache.


hwloc(7), lstopo(1)

December 14, 2022 2.9.0