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HDF5(1) User Commands HDF5(1)


h5ar - HDF5 archiver


h5ar [ARCHIVE [option [...]] <archive_file> <item-to-archive> [...] | CAT [option [...]] <archive_file> <item-to-cat> [...] | EXTRACT [option [...]] <archive_file> [<item-to-unarchive> [...]] | DELETE [option [...]] <archive_file> <item-to-delete> [...] | LIST [option [...]] <archive_file> [<item-to-list> [...]] | VERIFY [option [...]] <archive_file> [<item-to-verify> [...]]]


h5ar is a HDF5 archiver, which can create an HDF5 archive, extract it and manipulate it in various ways. It does to by calling an executable jar file.


prints out the build and environment information
compresses all files
suppresses output for directories itself for LIST and VERIFY (default: false)
excludes directories according to provided regex
specifies the file format version when creating an archive (N=1 -> HDF51.8 (default), N=2 -> HDF51.10), N=99 -> LATEST (default: 1)
shows this help text
includes directories according to provided regex
does not sync to disk before program exits (write mode only) (default: false)
recursive LIST and VERIFY (default: false)
stops on first error and gives detailed error report (default: false)
prints out the version information
considers file attributes for VERIFY (default: false)
compresses files according to provided regex
excludes files according to provided regex
includes files according to provided regex
checks for files present on the filesystem but missing from the archive for VERIFY (default: false)
uses numeric values for mode, uid and gid for LIST and VERIFY (default: false)

-nc, --no-compression REGEX does not compress files satisfying provided regex

quiet operation (only error output) (default: false)
root directory for archiving / extracting / verifying
tests CRC32 checksums of files in archive for LIST (default: false)
verbose output (all operations) (default: false)

Modes (command capitalization ignored):

ARCHIVE (AR, A): add files on the file system to an archive (always recursive)
CAT (C): extract files from an archive to stdout
EXTRACT (EX, E): extract files from an archive to the file system (always recursive)
DELETE (REMOVE, RM, D): delete files from an archive
LIST (LS, S): list files in an archive
VERIFY (VF, V): verify the existence and integrity of files on the file system vs. the contents of an archive


h5ar ar /tmp/home -r ~/ .
- will create home.h5ar in /tmp containing all files of the user's home directory (note: ARCHIVE is always recursive).
h5ar ls -v -R -t -S /tmp/home
- will list the full content of archive /tmp/home.h5ar recursively, with full detail and verify the checksums; stop if there is a checksum mismatch.
h5ar vf -r ~/ -v -R -m /tmp/home foo bar
- will verify the contents of directories foo/ and bar/ in archive /tmp/home.h5ar recursively against the user's home directory, detecting any missing files.


The full documentation for HDF5 is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and HDF5 programs are properly installed at your site, the command

info HDF5

should give you access to the complete manual.


This manual page was created by Pierre Gruet <> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, because the original package does not have one.

May 2020 HDF5 archiver version 19.04.0