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GFXBOOT(1) System configuration GFXBOOT(1)


gfxboot - graphical boot screen test and config tool


gfxboot [ OPTIONS ] ARGS


gfxboot modifies and tests graphical boot loader configuration.


General options

Use FILE as gfxboot archive (default is /boot/message). If it points to a directory, assume it is an expanded archive (see --expand-archive option below).
Increase verbosity.
Keep temporary files.
Show gfxboot version.
Print usage.

Switching themes

Activate THEME. Theme files are stored in /etc/bootsplash/themes/THEME/bootloader.
Activate THEME but keep language settings from current gfxboot archive.

Changing gfxboot config

Show gfxboot config file (gfxboot.cfg).
Change gfxboot config options. If sections are omitted, section "base" is used.
Delete gfxboot config options. If sections are omitted, section "base" is used.
Delete sections in gfxboot config file.
Make LANG the default language. LANG is a locale string (e.g. en_US).
Add translation files.
Remove translation files.
Don't work on gfxboot.cfg from gfxboot archive but on FILE. NOTE: FILE will be modified even with "--test".

Preview/test gfxboot setup

Try current config (needs some virtual machine).
Test only (don't actually change any files).
Use BOOTLOADER (grub, lilo, isolinux, syslinux, pxelinux) for preview.
Use virtual machine VM (bochs, qemu, qemu32, qemu64, vbox, vbox64, vmplayer, vmware) for preview.
Use grub from DIRECTORY or RPM (default is /).
Use lilo from DIRECTORY or RPM (default is /).
Use syslinux from DIRECTORY or RPM (default is /).
Use isolinux from DIRECTORY or RPM (default is /).
Use pxelinux from DIRECTORY or RPM (default is /).
Create test config with PASSWORD for preview.
Create 32 bit test image.
Create 64 bit test image.
Create biarch test image (same as using --32 and --64).
Create iso image for preview.
Create harddisk image for preview.
Create floppy image for preview.
Create tftp directory for preview.
Copy preview image to FILE.
Add files to test directory.
Delete files from test directory.

Adding/removing files from gfxboot archive

List gfxboot archive files.
Add files to gfxboot archive.
Delete files from gfxboot archive.
Copy files from gfxboot archive to current working directory.
Print FILE.
Create expanded gfxboot archive version in DIRECTORY. That is, only files that cannot be read directly from file system are kept in a cpio archive. All others are unpacked. Use only for isolinux, syslinux, or pxelinux.
Pack all gfxboot files into cpio archive FILE.

Modifying help files

Print FILE (internal help file format) as HTML.
Convert HTML files passed as ARGS to FILE (internal format).
Mark pages as referenced.
Use FILE as template for navigation links.
Define ENTITYx with VALUEx.


bootloader graphics archive (actually a cpio achive)
theme directory
default theme




Written by Steffen Winterfeldt.


If you want to create your own theme look at the gfxboot-devel package.

July 2008 gfxboot