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HOOLA(6) Freecell Solver HOOLA(6)


make-microsoft-freecell-board, make-pysol-freecell-board - Programs to generate boards to be used as input to Freecell Solver.


pi-make-microsoft-freecell-board [-t] board-number

or for make-pysol-freecell-board: [-t] [-F] [--ms] board-number [game-string]


These programs are command-line programs that can generate the initial board of the games of several popular Solitaire implementations. Those boards can be in turn be input to fc-solve by means of a pipeline, or placed inside a file for safe-keeping.

make_pysol_freecell_board also accepts an optional third argument which indicates the game variants. This type defaults to Freecell, but is useful for generating the boards of other games. Note that using this flag still requires one to use the "--game" flag of fc-solve, if necessary.

make-pysol-freecell-board also accepts a flag called -F or --pysolfc that deals the PySolFC boards instead of the classic PySol ones, and one called --ms or -M that deals Microsoft Freecell/Freecell Pro deals even for higher seeds.

A common paradigm for using those programs is something like:

    bash:~$ make-microsoft-freecell-board -t 11982 | fc-solve -l gi

If the "-t" option is specified, then the 10 cards are printed with "T"'s, instead of "10"'s. While fc-solve can accept either as input, it may prove useful for other solvers or solitaire implementations which do not accept "10"'s.

Here is a short description of each program:


A Python script that generates the boards of the various games of PySol.


A program that generates the boards of Microsoft Freecell and of the Freecell Pro implementation of Freecell.


board-number is the board number as a decimal number.

game-string is a string describing the game. Valid strings and their respective games are:

bakers_game - Baker's Game

bakers_dozen - Baker's Dozen

beleaguered_castle - Beleaguered Castle

citadel - Citadel

cruel - Cruel

der_katz - Der Katzenschwantz

die_schlange - Die Schlange

eight_off - Eight Off

fan - Fan

forecell - Forecell

freecell - Freecell (the default)

good_measure - Good Measure

ko_bakers_game - Kings' Only Baker's Game

relaxed_freecell - Relaxed Freecell

relaxed_seahaven - Relaxed Seahaven Towers

seahaven - Seahaven Towers

simple_simon - Simple Simon

streets_and_alleys - Streets and Alleys


fc-solve (6)

gen-multiple-pysol-layouts (6)



Shlomi Fish, <> .

2019-08-08 Freecell Solver 5.0.0