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fsdeploy(1) deploy a disk image from forensics-samples fsdeploy(1)


fsdeploy - deploy a disk image from forensics-samples


fsdeploy <file.xz>


fsdeploy is a command to provide a disk image from forensics-samples package to a CI test environment in Debian. It also can provide the original-files directory from forensics-samples.

fsdeploy will copy file.xz to $AUTOPKGTEST_TMP and unzip it, making the selected file available for CI tests via autopkgtest command. It also can copy original-files to $AUTOPKGTEST_TMP (no unzip needed).

On Debian systems, forensics-samples-<filesystem> and forensics-samples-files packages will depend of the forensics-samples-tools, that provides fsdeploy command.


Possible values are: fs.btrfs.xz, fs.exfat.xz, fs.ext2.xz, fs.ext4.xz, fs.ntfs.xz, fs.vfat.xz, fs.multiple.xz and original-files.

fs.multiple.xz has some filesystems.


See below an example of a possible debian/tests/control file for foremost:

Test-Command: fsdeploy fs.ntfs.xz;
foremost -Tq fs.ntfs.xz;
tree -C output-*
Depends: @, forensics-samples-ntfs, tree
Restrictions: allow-stderr
Now an example for mac-robber:

Test-Command: fsdeploy original-files;
mac-robber $AUTOPKGTEST_TMP | grep a-text
Depends: @, forensics-samples-files
Test-Command: [ -e /dev/loop0 ] || exit 77;
fsdeploy fs.ext4.xz;
mkdir mnt;
mount -o ro,offset=1048576 fs.ext4 mnt;
mac-robber mnt | grep a-text;
umount mnt
Depends: @, forensics-samples-ext4
# isolation-machine will provide access to /dev/loop0, essential to mount
# images using the mount command.
# rw-build-tree allow autopkgtest run several times.
Restrictions: allow-stderr, isolation-machine, needs-root, rw-build-tree, skippable
Note that Debian CI environments commonly are not able to run isolation-machine. Consequently, the test will be skipped.

Example for disktype command:

Test-Command: fsdeploy fs.multiple.xz;
disktype fs.multiple
Depends: @, forensics-samples-multiple


forensics-samples was written by Joao Eriberto Mota Filho and is available at

This manual page was written by Joao Eriberto Mota Filho <> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

03 Nov 2020 fsdeploy-0.4