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FRICAS(1) User Commands FRICAS(1)


fricas, efricas - advanced computer algebra system.


fricas [options]


FriCAS is an advanced computer algebra system.

efricas starts FriCAS inside Emacs

fricas starts FriCAS using command line interface. fricas has the following options:

use plain command line interface (disables other options). This option is mandatory when FriCAS takes input from a pipe
[-ht|-noht] whether to use HyperDoc
[-gr|-nogr] whether to use Graphics
[-clef |-noclef] whether to use Clef
[-iw|-noiw] start in interpreter window
start an interpreter buffer in the original window.
don't use X Windows
[-go|-nogo] whether to start system
[-ws wsname]
use named workspace
list workspaces only
[-clefprog fname]
use named program for Clef (command line editing)
show usage
[-eval code]
evaluate specified code at start
setup FriCAS for communication in TeXmacs protocol
setup for emacs frontend


The full documentation for fricas is maintained as a set of HyperDoc pages. If fricas is stared inside X Windows environment by default HyperDoc window will pop up on the screen giving access to complete documentation.


Piping data to FriCAS does not work without '-nosman' option

April 2017 FriCAS