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electrum(1) General Commands Manual electrum(1)


electrum - Lightweight bitcoin client


electrum [options] command [options]


Electrum is a lightweight bitcoin client.
Electrum protects from losing bitcoins in a backup mistake or computer failure. It allows recovery of wallet from a passphrase which you can learn by heart or write it down on a paper.
Since electrum does not download the entire bitcoin block chain there is no waiting time when the client is started.

Select user interface, possible values are qt, lite, gtk or text
Use wallet from WALLET_PATH, default is electrum.dat.
Remain offline.
Show all addresses.
Show the balance of listed addresses
Show the labels of listed addresses
set tx fee

set source address for payto/mktx. if it isn't in the wallet, it will ask for the private key unless supplied in the format public_key:private_key. It's not saved in the wallet.

set the change address for payto/mktx. default is a spare address, or the source address if it's not in the wallet.

set server host:port:protocol, where protocol is t or h
set proxy [type:]host[:port], where type is socks4,socks5 or http
show debugging information
portable wallet
default language used in GUI
Turn on support for hardware wallets (EXPERIMENTAL).


Electrum client was initially written by ThomasV <thomasv@gitorious>
This manual page was written by Vasudev Kamath <> for Debian Project (but can be used by others).

23 June 2013 electrum