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DUMB-INIT(1) User Commands DUMB-INIT(1)


dumb-init - a minimal init system for Linux containers


dumb-init [option] command [[arg] ...]


dumb-init v1.2.5

dumb-init is a simple process supervisor that forwards signals to children. It is designed to run as PID1 in minimal container environments.

Optional arguments:

Run in single-child mode. In this mode, signals are only proxied to the direct child and not any of its descendants.
Rewrite received signal s to new signal r before proxying. To ignore (not proxy) a signal, rewrite it to 0. This option can be specified multiple times.
Print debugging information to stderr.
Print this help message and exit.
Print the current version and exit.

Full help is available online at


dumb-init was primarily developed at Yelp.
For a full list of contributors, see

February 2022 dumb-init v1.2.5