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DMRCONFIG(1) General Commands Manual DMRCONFIG(1)


DMRconfig - configuration utility for DMR radios


dmrconfig file.img
dmrconfig -r [ -t ]
dmrconfig -w [ -t ] file.img
dmrconfig -v [ -t ] file.conf
dmrconfig -c [ -t ] file.conf
dmrconfig -c file.img file.conf
dmrconfig -u [ -t ] file.csv


This manual page documents briefly the dmrconfig command.

DMRconfig is a utility for programming digital radios via USB programming cable.


Read codeplug from the radio to a file device.img. Save configuration to a text file device.conf.
Write codeplug to the radio.
Apply configuration script to the radio, or to the codeplug image (storing modified copy to a device.img file).
Verify config script for the radio.
Update contacts database from CSV file.
List all supported radios.
Trace USB protocol.