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dh_elpa_test - run ELPA package testsuites


dh_elpa_test [debhelper options] [--autopkgtest] [pkg-file]


dh_elpa_test is a debhelper program that is responsible for running the testsuites of ELPA packages, when those test suites use ERT or buttercup(1). dh_auto_test(1) is rarely suitable.

Testing with buttercup(1) will be activated if the package build-depends on elpa-buttercup. Testing with ERT will be activated if ERT test files can be found. Neither kind of test will be activated unless the debhelper compat level is 10 or higher.

dh_elpa_test overrides dh_auto_test(1). If you need to switch back to use dh_auto_test(1), use the disable configuration key, below.


Configuration for running the package's test suite. Each line is of the form key = value, with key drawn from the list of configuration options below.

Note that you should not surround values with double quotation marks. This is convenient for including lisp. Configuration values cannot cover more than one line. Lines preceded with a # are ignored as comments.

This configuration file is optional; in many cases, dh_elpa_test can figure out how to run the test suite itself.


If this key is set to any value, dh_elpa(1) will not invoke dh_elpa_test.
A comma-separated list of directories to add to the load-path when buttercup(1) invokes Emacs. Will be passed to buttercup(1) with its -L command line argument.
A comma-separated list of Emacs regular expressions jointly matching all and only the files containing Buttercup tests that you wish to run. If this key is not defined, all tests that can be found will be run. Will be passed to buttercup(1) with its -p command line argument.
A comma-separated list of file globs matching files containing ERT tests that should not be run.

The '*' character in globs in this configuration key does NOT match '/' directory separators.

The name of a *.el file containing Emacs Lisp code that will run the ERT test suite. When this key is not defined, dh_elpa_test calls the function (ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit).

Your helper code should ensure that Emacs exits nonzero if there were any test failures, or exits zero if the test suite passed.

Note that this is not the way to load test helpers that do needed work but don't actually run the tests. For that, you can use something like

    ert_eval = (load-file "test-helper.el")
Emacs Lisp code to be run prior to running ERT tests by the Emacs instance spawned by dh_elpa_test to run those tests.
A comma-separated list of directories to add to the load-path when dh_elpa_test invokes Emacs to run ERT tests.
A comma-separated list of file globs matching files that should not be moved out of the source tree before running DEP8 tests (see the --autopkgtest option below).

The '*' character in globs in this configuration key matches '/' directory separators.


Operate in autopkgtest mode. dh_elpa_test will rename non-test *.el files so that Emacs will not load them. This ensures that the test test the installed binary package rather than the unpacked source package.

To exclude files from this removal, specify them in the autopkgtest_keep configuration option (see above).


Older versions of dh_elpa_test were configured using environment variables corresponding to some of the above configuration keys. For example, the ert_eval configuration key replaced environment variable DH_ELPA_TEST_ERT_EVAL. Their use is now deprecated. If the debian/elpa-test file exists, they will be ignored.


The following recipes can be combined to enable an appropriate combination of build time and autopkgtest time tests.


To disable running tests at build time, you have two choices. You can override dh_elpa_test (not dh_auto_test), or you can use the disable key in debian/elpa-test. Note that the latter will also (mostly) disable autopkgtests (see below).


To enable running autopkgtests via dh_elpa_test, add "Testsuite: autpkgtest-pkg-elpa" to debian/control. With disable in debian/elpa-test, only superficial tests, namely installing the binary packages and byte-compiling any that use dh_elpa.


By default dh_elpa_test replaces dh_auto_test. You can re-enable dh_auto_test either with the disable key discussed above, or by overriding dh_elpa_test to call dh_auto_test.

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