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DLV-DEBUG(1) General Commands Manual DLV-DEBUG(1)


dlv-debug - Compile and begin debugging main package in current directory, or the package specified.


dlv debug [package] [flags]


Compiles your program with optimizations disabled, starts and attaches to it.

By default, with no arguments, Delve will compile the 'main' package in the current directory, and begin to debug it. Alternatively you can specify a package name and Delve will compile that package instead, and begin a new debug session.


--continue[=false] Continue the debugged process on start.

-h, --help[=false] help for debug

--output="./__debug_bin" Output path for the binary.

--tty="" TTY to use for the target program


--accept-multiclient[=false] Allows a headless server to accept multiple client connections via JSON-RPC or DAP.

--allow-non-terminal-interactive[=false] Allows interactive sessions of Delve that don't have a terminal as stdin, stdout and stderr

--api-version=1 Selects JSON-RPC API version when headless. New clients should use v2. Can be reset via RPCServer.SetApiVersion. See Documentation/api/json-rpc/

--backend="default" Backend selection (see 'dlv help backend').

--build-flags="" Build flags, to be passed to the compiler. For example: --build-flags="-tags=integration -mod=vendor -cover -v"

--check-go-version[=true] Exits if the version of Go in use is not compatible (too old or too new) with the version of Delve.

--disable-aslr[=false] Disables address space randomization

--headless[=false] Run debug server only, in headless mode. Server will accept both JSON-RPC or DAP client connections.

--init="" Init file, executed by the terminal client.

-l, --listen="" Debugging server listen address.

--log[=false] Enable debugging server logging.

--log-dest="" Writes logs to the specified file or file descriptor (see 'dlv help log').

--log-output="" Comma separated list of components that should produce debug output (see 'dlv help log')

--only-same-user[=true] Only connections from the same user that started this instance of Delve are allowed to connect.

-r, --redirect=[] Specifies redirect rules for target process (see 'dlv help redirect')

--wd="" Working directory for running the program.



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