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coq-planif-transition(1) General Commands Manual coq-planif-transition(1)


coq-planif-transition - planification of a transition


coq-planif-transition srcpkg1 ... srcpkgN


This script can be used when new versions of Coq packages get released, to check everything is ok with the rest of the stack.

You're supposed to call it with a space-separated list of packages with a new version, and the result is generally several lines of space-separated package names corresponding to what needs to be rebuilt, where packages on the same line can be compiled at the same time.

If you use sbuild to compile the packages, with sbuid configured with a local repo, you can then put the packages in the repo step by step and check that the new versions don't break anything.


coq-planif-transition ssreflect coq-stdpp


Julien Puydt <>