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CPU-X(1) General Commands Manual CPU-X(1)


cpu-x - X11 Tool that gathers Information on CPU, Motherboard and more...


cpu-x [ <DISPLAY> ] [ <OPTIONS> ] cpu-x_polkit [ <DISPLAY> ] [ <OPTIONS> ]


CPU-X is similar to CPU-Z (for MS Windows). It can be used in graphical mode by using GTK or in text-based mode by using NCurses. A dump mode is present from the command line.

Parts of CPU-X require root privileges. If your desktop session has PolicyKit support, you can launch cpu-x_polkit. After admin authentication, CPU-X will present to you its full feature set.


Available options to be used as <DISPLAY>:

Start graphical user interface (GUI) (default).
Start text-based user interface (TUI).
Dump all data on standard output and exit.
Run embedded command dmidecode and exit.

Available options to be used as <OPTIONS>:

Set default tab (integer).
Set custom time between two refreshes (in seconds).
Disable colored output.
Print required information to paste in an issue.
Verbose output.
Print help and exit.
Print version and exit.

Environment variables with influence on runtime functionality:

Temporarily disable network support.
Enforce the bus clock.


This man page has been written by Mike Gabriel <> for the Debian project but maybe used by others.

October 1, 2019