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ABUILD(1) General Commands Manual ABUILD(1)


abuild - build coreboot images for all available targets


abuild [-abrvxsTVh] [-c numcpus|max] [-t vendor/board] [-p dir] [CBROOT]


abuild is a utility used to easily build coreboot images for all available targets.


The [CBROOT] parameter tells abuild where the root directory of the coreboot build tree resides. Per default this is ../.. as the abuild script resides in [CBROOT]/utils/abuild.

Build previously succeeded ports as well.
Attempt to build ports that are known to be broken.
Use payloads in <dir> to build images. This will run in that directory to find out the path of the payload.
Attempt to build target vendor/board only.
Remove mainboard build directory after the respective target has been built. This is mainly used for development purposes, when you don't need the actual build output, but rather only want to know if a build failed or not.
Write an XML log file instead of a plain-text one. The file will be called abuild.xml and will be created in the current directory.
Submit generated image(s) to the automated test system. The results of the tests will be made available at
Build on numcpus cpus at the same time, or on all available with max.
Don't print any compiler calls in the log files. In coreboot v2 compiler calls are quite long, so it is hard to find the warnings between them.
More verbose output.
Show a help text and exit.
Show version information and exit.


Please report any bugs on the coreboot mailing list (


abuild is covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later.




2004 Stefan Reinauer
2006-2008 coresystems GmbH


Stefan Reinauer <>

This manual page was written by Uwe Hermann <>. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL (v2 or later).

May 3, 2008