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CONNMAN-UI-GTK(1) General Commands Manual CONNMAN-UI-GTK(1)


connman-ui-gtk - GTK tray icon for ConnMan


A full-featured GTK based trayicon UI for ConnMan.

It targets all WM/DM users but Gnome3 ones*. It works on any Linux WM/DM which provides a freedesktop compliant system tray. (kde, awesome, ...)

It exposes almost all features provided by ConnMan API (small features are missing, see TODO for more information). You can enable/disable a technology (wired, wifi, cellular, bt, ...), connect/disconnect a service, configure a service (IPv4, IPv6, DNS, Timeservers, etc...), share your current connection (tethering) and so on. Everything is accessible through the mouse via the trayicon, all with left and right click.

This program takes no arguments.


Written by Tomasz Bursztyka.

August 2013