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cif-diff(1) User Commands cif-diff(1)


cif-diff - A tool to compare two mmCIF files


cif-diff [OPTION] file1 file2


The mmCIF format does not specify the order in which categories or fields should be recorded. Using this tool, you can reorder a second file in the same way as the first before comparing the content making it easier to spot differences.


Limit the comparison to this category, default is to show differences in all categories. This option can be specified multiple times.
Display at most nr items per category. Default is 5 items, if you specify zero the number of items will unlimited.

This option has no effect when the --text option is specified.

Default is to display the differences in some kind of summary. But if you prefer to use a more graphical diff: this option will use vimdiff to display the differences.
Pass the ignore case option to vimdiff.
Pass the ignore white option to vimdiff.
Be more verbose, useful to diagnose validation errors.


Written by Maarten L. Hekkelman <>


Report bugs at


cif-grep, cif-merge, cif-validate, cif2pdb, mmCQL, pdb2cif.

2022-11-20 version 1.0.5