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CHAOSREAD(1) General Commands Manual CHAOSREAD(1)


chaosread - read raw noise source from chaoskey




chaosread reads ADC values from the noise source on the attached ChaosKey device.


This selects a ChaosKey by serial number instead of using the first one found.
Set the amount of data to read. Suffixes 'k', 'M' and 'G' are supported. The default is 1k.
Keep reading forever (or until the process is killed).
Read 16-bits little endian values and write out one byte per sample from bits 1-8 of the sample (zero-based, so shift right by one).
Read values from the 'cooked' endpoint, which is the source used by the kernel driver that contains trimmed and whitened data which has 8 bits of entropy per byte.
Read from the raw RNG source endpoint, which is best for testing the hardware on the device. This is the default
Read from the device firmware. This can be used to verify that the firmware in the device has the expected contents.


chaosread reads noise data.


Keith Packard