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MOUNT.APTFS(1) General Commands Manual MOUNT.APTFS(1)


mount.aptfs - a FUSE filesystem that displays unpacked sources packages from APT


mount.aptfs mountpoint [options]


AptFs is a FUSE-based filesystem that provides a view to unpacked Debian source packages obtained using apt-get source as regular folders. Binary packages are modelled as symbolic links pointing to their respective source package.

AptFs maintains a sliding window of unpacked sources packages - it would not be very helpful if commands such as:

% find /path/to/aptfs

unpacked the entire APT archive into the temporary directory. To specify the number of packages to keep unpacked at one time, use the -o max_unpacked_packages=NUM option.


By default, AptFs does not verify GPG signatures of source packages. This is because the large number of calls to GnuPG cause deadlocking in both AptFs and other programs using GnuPG. GPG verification is also slow.

One can re-enable verification using passing -o secure=1 when mounting AptFs.


AptFs and this manual page were written by Chris Lamb <>.

This manual page is (C) 2008 by Chris Lamb and is licensed under the terms of the GPLv3 or higher.


mount(8), fstab(5)

March 14, 2008