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DMS(1) General Commands Manual DMS(1)


dms - UPnP DLNA Digital Media Server


dms [options]


dms is a UPnP DLNA Digital Media Server. It runs from the terminal, and serves content directly from the filesystem from the working directory, or the path given. The SSDP component will broadcast and respond to requests on all available network interfaces.

dms advertises and serves the raw files, in addition to alternate transcoded streams when it's able, such as mpeg2 PAL-DVD and WebM for the Chromecast. It will also provide thumbnails where possible.

dms uses ffprobe/avprobe to get media data such as bitrate and duration, ffmpeg/avconv for video transoding, and ffmpegthumbnailer for generating thumbnails when browsing. These commands must be in the PATH given to dms or the features requiring them will be disabled.

Known Compatible Players and Renderers

  • Probably all Panasonic Viera TVs.
  • Android's BubbleUPnP and AirWire
  • Chromecast
  • VLC
  • LG Smart TVs, with varying success.


show this help message and exit

-config string json configuration file

-fFprobeCachePath string path to FFprobe cache file (default "/home/drew/.dms-ffprobe-cache")

-friendlyName string server friendly name

-http string http server port (default ":1338")

-ifname string specific SSDP network interface

ignore hidden files and directories
ignore unreadable files and directories
log HTTP headers
disable media probing with ffprobe
disable transcoding

-notifyInterval duration interval between SSPD announces (default 30s)

-path string browse root path

workaround for some bad event subscribers