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afl-tmin(8) System Manager's Manual afl-tmin(8)




afl-tmin [ options ] -- /path/to/target_app [ ... ]


Required parameters:

-i file - input test case to be shrunk by the tool
-o file - final output location for the minimized data Execution control settings:
-f file - input file read by the tested program (stdin)
-t msec - timeout for each run (1000 ms)
-m megs - memory limit for child process (0 MB)
-O - use binary-only instrumentation (FRIDA mode)
-Q - use binary-only instrumentation (QEMU mode)
-U - use unicorn-based instrumentation (Unicorn mode)
-W - use qemu-based instrumentation with Wine (Wine mode)
(Not necessary, here for consistency with other afl-* tools) Minimization settings:
-e - solve for edge coverage only, ignore hit counts
-x - treat non-zero exit codes as crashes
-H - minimize a hang (hang mode) For additional tips, please consult docs/ Environment variables used: AFL_CRASH_EXITCODE: optional child exit code to be interpreted as crash AFL_FORKSRV_INIT_TMOUT: time spent waiting for forkserver during startup (in milliseconds) AFL_KILL_SIGNAL: Signal ID delivered to child processes on timeout, etc. (default: SIGKILL) AFL_MAP_SIZE: the shared memory size for that target. must be >= the size
the target was compiled for AFL_PRELOAD: LD_PRELOAD / DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES settings for target AFL_TMIN_EXACT: require execution paths to match for crashing inputs AFL_NO_FORKSRV: run target via execve instead of using the forkserver ASAN_OPTIONS: custom settings for ASAN
(must contain abort_on_error=1 and symbolize=0) MSAN_OPTIONS: custom settings for MSAN
(must contain exitcode=86 and symbolize=0) TMPDIR: directory to use for temporary input files


afl++ was written by Michal "lcamtuf" Zalewski and is maintained by Marc "van Hauser" Heuse <>, Heiko "hexcoder-" Eissfeldt <>, Andrea Fioraldi <> and Dominik Maier <> The homepage of afl++ is:


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004

2023-03-24 afl++