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git-annex-lookupkey(1) General Commands Manual git-annex-lookupkey(1)


git-annex-lookupkey - looks up key used for file


git annex lookupkey [file ...]


This plumbing-level command looks up the key used for a file in the index. The key is output to stdout. If there is no key (because the file is not present in the index, or is not a git-annex managed file), nothing is output, and it exits nonzero.


Rather than looking for the specified files in the index, interpet them as git refs. For example to find the key used for somefile in tag v1.0:
git-annex lookupkey v1.0:somefile
Enable batch mode, in which a line containing the filename is read from stdin, the key is output to stdout (with a trailing newline), and repeat.
Note that if there is no key corresponding to the file, an empty line is output to stdout instead.
Makes the --batch input be delimited by nulls instead of the usual newlines.
git-annex-common-options(1) can be used.




Joey Hess <>