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kernel32.dll(3w) Wine API kernel32.dll(3w)




Forwards: 229
Variables: 0
Stubs: 138
Functions: 880
Exports-Total: 1247
Implemented-Total: 1109 (88%)
Documented-Total: 306 (34%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:
Alexandre Julliard (for CodeWeavers), Andreas Mohr, Chris Morgan, David Lee Lambert, Dimitrie O. Paun, Dmitry Timoshkov (for CodeWeavers), Eric Pouech, Erik Bos, Hans Leidekker, Huw Davies, Jacek Caban (for CodeWeavers), Jeff Zaroyko, John Burton, John Richardson, Jon Griffiths, Julio César Gázquez, Karl Garrison, Louis Lenders, Marcus Meissner, Martin Wilck, Martin von Loewis and Cameron Heide, Miguel de Icaza, Mike McCormack, Morten Welinder, Onno Hovers, Patrik Stridvall, Peter Ganten, Petr Tomasek, Robert J. Amstadt, Thomas Sandford, Ulrich Weigand, Yngvi Sigurjonsson
Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the Files "AUTHORS" and "Changelog" in the Wine source tree.
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