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ReportEventA(3w) Wine API ReportEventA(3w)


ReportEventA (ADVAPI32.@)


BOOL ReportEventA
HANDLE hEventLog,
WORD wType,
WORD wCategory,
DWORD dwEventID,
PSID lpUserSid,
WORD wNumStrings,
DWORD dwDataSize,
LPCSTR* lpStrings,
LPVOID lpRawData


Writes an entry at the end of an event log.


hEventLog [In] Handle of an event log.
wType [In] See MSDN doc.
wCategory [In] Event category.
dwEventID [In] Event identifier.
lpUserSid [In] Current user's security identifier.
wNumStrings [In] Number of insert strings in lpStrings.
dwDataSize [In] Size of event-specific raw data to write.
lpStrings [In] Buffer containing an array of string to be merged.
lpRawData [In] Buffer containing the binary data.


Success: nonzero. Entry was written to the log.
Failure: zero.


The ReportEvent function adds the time, the entry's length, and the offsets before storing the entry in the log. If lpUserSid != NULL, the username is also logged.


Declared in "winbase.h".
Implemented in "dlls/advapi32/eventlog.c".
Debug channel "advapi".
Oct 2012 Wine API