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GetCurrencyFormatA(3w) Wine API GetCurrencyFormatA(3w)


GetCurrencyFormatA (KERNEL32.@)


INT GetCurrencyFormatA
LCID lcid,
DWORD dwFlags,
LPCSTR lpszValue,
const CURRENCYFMTA* lpFormat,
LPSTR lpCurrencyStr,
int cchOut


Format a currency string for a given locale.


lcid [In] Locale to format for.
dwFlags [In] LOCALE_ flags from "winnls.h".
lpszValue [In] String to format.
lpFormat [In] Formatting overrides.
lpCurrencyStr [Out] Destination for formatted string.
cchOut [In] Size of lpCurrencyStr, or 0 to calculate the resulting size.


- lpszValue can contain only '0' - '9', '-' and '.'.
- If lpFormat is non-NULL, dwFlags must be 0. In this case lpszValue will be formatted according to the format details returned by GetLocaleInfoA(3w).
- This function rounds the currency if the number of decimals exceeds the locales number of currency decimal places.
- If cchOut is 0, this function does not write to lpCurrencyStr.
- The Ascii version of this function fails if lcid is Unicode only.


Success: The number of character written to lpNumberStr, or that would have been written, if cchOut is 0.
Failure: 0. Use GetLastError(3w) to determine the cause.


Declared in "winnls.h".
Implemented in "dlls/kernel32/lcformat.c".
Debug channel "nls".
Oct 2012 Wine API