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FATM(4) Device Drivers Manual FATM(4)


fatmdevice driver for Fore PCA200E ATM interfaces


device fatm
device utopia
device atm

options NATM


The fatm device driver supports the FORE (now Marconi) PCA200E ATM interface cards. The driver interfaces with the natm(4) framework, netgraph(4) and HARP. It provides only PVC services. Signalling, ATMARP, ILMI and other higher layer protocols are implemented using netgraph(4) or HARP.
For configuring the card for IP see natmip(4). The following sysctls are recognized by the driver additionally to those handled by utopia(4):
Returns a device specific statistic list of uint32_t statistic counters.
Returns a list of uint32_t with internal driver statistics.
If this is set packets are stuffed back into the interface's send queue when the cards transmit queue is found to be full. They are transmitted later. If this is not set the packets are dropped. It may be useful to set this if only UBR traffic is sent.
(Only if debugging enabled.)
These are debugging flags. See src/sys/dev/fatm/if_fatmvar.h for the possible flags.
The driver supports the media options sdh, noscramb and unassigned (see utopia(4)).


fatm0: <FORE PCA200E> mem 0xd5800000-0xd59fffff irq 9 at device 9.0 on pci0


natm(4), natmip(4), utopia(4)


Harti Brandt ⟨⟩


These cards can CBR shape a single VCC only. It is currently possible to request more than one CBR connection. In this case all the timing will be wrong. See hatm(4) for a better card.
May 15, 2003 Debian