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Trf_WriteProc(3) Library Functions Manual Trf_WriteProc(3)


Trf_WriteProc - Interface to procedures used by an encoder/decoder to write its transformation results.


#include <transform.h>

int Trf_WriteProc
ClientData clientData,
unsigned char *outString,
int outLen,
Tcl_Interp *interp


Arbitrary information, defined during controlblock creation.
Buffer with characters to write.
Number of characters in buffer.
Interpreter for error messages (NULL possible).


Procedures of this type are called by an encoder/decoder to write (partial) transformation results, decoupling the final destination from result generation. Return value is a standard tcl error code. In case of failure and interp not NULL an error message should be left in the result area of the specified interpreter.


Trf_Init(3), Trf_SafeInit(3), Trf_IsInitialized(3), Trf_CreateOptions(3), Trf_DeleteOptions(3), Trf_CheckOptions(3), Trf_SetOption(3), Trf_SetObjOption(3), Trf_QueryOptions(3), Trf_SeekQueryOptions(3), Trf_CreateCtrlBlock(3), Trf_DeleteCtrlBlock(3), Trf_TransformCharacter(3), Trf_TransformBuffer(3), Trf_FlushTransformation(3), Trf_ClearCtrlBlock(3), Trf_QueryMaxRead(3), Trf_Register(3), Trf_ConverterOptions(3), Trf_MDStart(3), Trf_MDUpdate(3), Trf_MDUpdateBuf(3), Trf_MDFinal(3), Trf_MDCheck(3), Trf_RegisterMessageDigest(3), Trf_LoadLibrary(3), Trf_XorBuffer(3), Trf_ShiftRegister(3), Trf_FlipRegisterShort(3), Trf_FlipRegisterLong(3), Trf_InitStubs(3)

27 August 2002 c2man transform.h