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Trf_SetOption(3) Library Functions Manual Trf_SetOption(3)


Trf_SetOption - Interface to procedures to define the value of an option.


#include <transform.h>

int Trf_SetOption
Trf_Options options,
Tcl_Interp *interp,
const char *optname,
const char *optvalue,
ClientData clientData


Container to place the value into.
Interpreter for error messages (NULL possible).
Name of option to define.
Value to set into the container.
Arbitrary information, as defined in Trf_TypeDefinition.clientData.


The procedure takes the specified optionname (rejecting illegal ones) and places the given optionvalue into the container. All necessary conversions from a string to the required type should be done here. Return value is a standard tcl error code. In case of failure and interp not NULL an error message should be left in the result area of the specified interpreter.


Trf_Init(3), Trf_SafeInit(3), Trf_IsInitialized(3), Trf_CreateOptions(3), Trf_DeleteOptions(3), Trf_CheckOptions(3), Trf_SetObjOption(3), Trf_QueryOptions(3), Trf_SeekQueryOptions(3), Trf_WriteProc(3), Trf_CreateCtrlBlock(3), Trf_DeleteCtrlBlock(3), Trf_TransformCharacter(3), Trf_TransformBuffer(3), Trf_FlushTransformation(3), Trf_ClearCtrlBlock(3), Trf_QueryMaxRead(3), Trf_Register(3), Trf_ConverterOptions(3), Trf_MDStart(3), Trf_MDUpdate(3), Trf_MDUpdateBuf(3), Trf_MDFinal(3), Trf_MDCheck(3), Trf_RegisterMessageDigest(3), Trf_LoadLibrary(3), Trf_XorBuffer(3), Trf_ShiftRegister(3), Trf_FlipRegisterShort(3), Trf_FlipRegisterLong(3), Trf_InitStubs(3)

27 August 2002 c2man transform.h