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Trf_CreateCtrlBlock(3) Library Functions Manual Trf_CreateCtrlBlock(3)


Trf_CreateCtrlBlock - Interface to procedure for creation of encoder/decoder control structures.


#include <transform.h>

Trf_ControlBlock Trf_CreateCtrlBlock
ClientData writeClientData,
Trf_WriteProc *fun,
Trf_Options optInfo,
Tcl_Interp *interp,
ClientData clientData


Arbitrary information given as clientdata to 'fun'.
Vector to use for writing generated results.
Options to configure the control.
Interpreter for error messages.
Arbitrary information, as defined in Trf_TypeDefinition.clientData.


The procedure has to create a control structure for an encoder/decoder. The structure must be initialized with the contents of the the option container. Return value is an opaque handle aof the control structure or NULL in case of failure. An error message should be left in the result area of the specified interpreter then.


Trf_Init(3), Trf_SafeInit(3), Trf_IsInitialized(3), Trf_CreateOptions(3), Trf_DeleteOptions(3), Trf_CheckOptions(3), Trf_SetOption(3), Trf_SetObjOption(3), Trf_QueryOptions(3), Trf_SeekQueryOptions(3), Trf_WriteProc(3), Trf_DeleteCtrlBlock(3), Trf_TransformCharacter(3), Trf_TransformBuffer(3), Trf_FlushTransformation(3), Trf_ClearCtrlBlock(3), Trf_QueryMaxRead(3), Trf_Register(3), Trf_ConverterOptions(3), Trf_MDStart(3), Trf_MDUpdate(3), Trf_MDUpdateBuf(3), Trf_MDFinal(3), Trf_MDCheck(3), Trf_RegisterMessageDigest(3), Trf_LoadLibrary(3), Trf_XorBuffer(3), Trf_ShiftRegister(3), Trf_FlipRegisterShort(3), Trf_FlipRegisterLong(3), Trf_InitStubs(3)

27 August 2002 c2man transform.h