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surf-display(1) Surf Kiosk Display surf-display(1)


surf-display - Fullscreen WWW Display Session Manager




surf-display is a wrapper around Surf. It can turn a system into a browser based display terminal in KIOSK mode.

surf-display registers itself as an x-session-manager alternative and provides a very minimal X11 session, launching the matchbox-window-manager, pulseaudio (if requested) and unclutter (if requested) before starting the fullscreen browser session.

surf-display locks down mouse pointer right-click behaviour and disables various keyboard shortcuts to hide Surf functionalities from the user. Out goal is to not let users break out of the given entry WWW site's browsing design.

You can combine surf-display with a local tinyproxy setup to configure access to specific sites and configure what sites to block user access from.


surf-display can easily be configured system-wide via /etc/default/surf-display. Overrides can be configure on a per-user basis via $HOME/.surf-display/config.




This manual has been written by Mike Gabriel <> and Benjamin Schlüter <> for the IT-Zukunft-Schule project (
Jun 2017 Version 0.0.5