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SQLITE3_ANALYZER(1) General Commands Manual SQLITE3_ANALYZER(1)


sqlite3_analyzerSQLite3 database space usage analyzis tool


sqlite3_analyzer [--pageinfo] [--stats] [--tclsh] [--version] database.sqlite


sqlite3_analyzer program analyze an SQLite database file and output a report detailing size and storage efficiency information for the database and its constituent tables and indexes.


Show how each page of the database-file is used
Output SQL text that creates a new database containing statistics about the database that was analyzed
Run the built-in TCL interpreter interactively (for debugging)
Show the version number of SQLite


sqlite3_analyzer has been written by D. Richard Hipp ⟨⟩.

This manual page was written by Yuriy M. Kaminskiy ⟨⟩ for the Debian GNU/Linux system.

2018-07-22 Debian GNU/Linux