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dump(1) Sequoia Manual dump(1)


dump - Lists packets


dump [-o|--output] [--session-key] [--mpis] [-x|--hex] [-h|--help] [FILE]


Lists packets

Creates a human-readable description of the packet sequence. Additionally, it can print cryptographic artifacts, and print the raw octet stream similar to hexdump(1), annotating specifically which bytes are parsed into OpenPGP values.

To inspect encrypted messages, either supply the session key, or see "sq decrypt --dump" or "sq packet decrypt".


Writes to FILE or stdout if omitted
Decrypts an encrypted message using SESSION-KEY
Prints cryptographic artifacts
Prints a hexdump
Print help information
Reads from FILE or stdin if omitted


Prints the packets of a certificate

sq packet dump juliet.pgp

Prints cryptographic artifacts of a certificate

sq packet dump --mpis juliet.pgp

Prints a hexdump of a certificate

sq packet dump --hex juliet.pgp

Prints the packets of an encrypted message

sq packet dump --session-key AAAABBBBCCCC... ciphertext.pgp


For the full documentation see <>.

sq(1) sq-armor(1) sq-autocrypt(1) sq-certify(1) sq-dearmor(1) sq-decrypt(1) sq-encrypt(1) sq-inspect(1) sq-key(1) sq-keyring(1) sq-keyserver(1) sq-packet(1) sq-packet-decrypt(1) sq-packet-join(1) sq-packet-split(1) sq-revoke(1) sq-sign(1) sq-verify(1) sq-wkd(1)

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