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REPO(1) Repo Manual REPO(1)


repo - repo abandon - manual page for repo abandon


repo abandon [--all | <branchname>] [<project>...]



Permanently abandon a development branch

This subcommand permanently abandons a development branch by deleting it (and all its history) from your local repository.

It is equivalent to "git branch -D <branchname>".


show this help message and exit
number of jobs to run in parallel (default: based on number of CPU cores)
delete all branches in all projects

Logging options:

show all output
only show errors

Multi-manifest options:

operate starting at the outermost manifest
do not operate on outer manifests
only operate on this (sub)manifest
operate on this manifest and its submanifests

Run `repo help abandon` to view the detailed manual.

July 2022 repo abandon