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RASTERIO(1) User Commands RASTERIO(1)


rasterio - command line tools for reading/writing geospatial raster data


rasterio [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Rasterio command line interface.


Increase verbosity.
Decrease verbosity.
Show the version and exit.
Show this message and exit.


Write bounding boxes to stdout as GeoJSON.
Raster data calculator.
Clip a raster to given bounds.
Copy and convert raster dataset.
Edit dataset metadata.
Print information about the rio environment.
Print information about a data file.
Open a data file and start an interpreter.
Mask in raster using features.
Merge a stack of raster datasets.
Construct overviews in an existing dataset.
Rasterize features.
Sample a dataset.
Write shapes extracted from bands or masks.
Stack a number of bands into a multiband dataset.
Transform coordinates.
Warp a raster dataset.
September 2015 rasterio 0.27.0