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detector2nexus', - Converts a detector description into a NeXus detector usable by other pyFAI utilities


['/tmp/tmptl6ezk5b/detector2nexus', '--help'] usage: detector2nexus [options] [options] -o nxs.h5

Convert a complex detector definition (multiple modules, possibly in 3D) into a single NeXus detector definition together with the mask (and much more in the future)

optional arguments:

show this help message and exit
show program's version number and exit
Output nexus file, unless detector_name.h5
name of the detector
mask corresponding to the detector
Base detector name (see documentation of pyFAI.detectors
Geometric distortion file from FIT2D
Geometric correction for pilatus
Geometric correction for pilatus
pixel size (comma separated): x,y
shape of the detector (comma separated): x,y
Dark noise to be subtracted
Flat field correction
switch to verbose/debug mode

This summarizes detector2nexus

detector2nexus version 0.21.3 from 03/02/2022

March 2022 detector2nexus', '--version']