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man(1) Profanity XMPP client man(1)


/statusbar - the Profanity /statusbar command.


Manage statusbar display preferences.


/statusbar show name|number|read

/statusbar hide name|number|read

/statusbar maxtabs <value>

/statusbar tablen <value>

/statusbar self user|barejid|fulljid|off

/statusbar chat user|jid

/statusbar room room|jid

/statusbar up

/statusbar down


maxtabs <value>

Set the maximum number of tabs to display, <value> must be between 0 and 10.

tablen <value>

Set the maximum number of characters to show as the tab name, 0 sets to unlimited.

show|hide name

Show or hide names in tabs.

show|hide number

Show or hide numbers in tabs.

show|hide read

Show or hide inactive tabs.

self user|barejid|fulljid

Show account user name, barejid, fulljid as status bar title.

self off

Disable showing self as status bar title.

chat user|jid

Show users name, or the fulljid if no nick is present for chat tabs.

room room|jid

Show room name, or the fulljid for room tabs.


Move the status bar up the screen.


Move the status bar down the screen.


/statusbar maxtabs 8

/statusbar tablen 5

/statusbar self user

/statusbar chat jid

/statusbar hide read

/statusbar hide name

2022-10-12 0.13.0