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podman-secret-ls(1) General Commands Manual podman-secret-ls(1)


podman-secret-ls - List all available secrets


podman secret ls [options]


Lists all the secrets that exist. The output can be formatted to a Go template using the --format option.


--filter, -f=filter=value

Filter output based on conditions given. Multiple filters can be given with multiple uses of the --filter option.

Valid filters are listed below:

Filter Description
name [Name] Secret name (accepts regex)
id [ID] Full or partial secret ID


Format secret output using Go template.

Valid placeholders for the Go template are listed below:

Placeholder Description
.CreatedAt When secret was created (relative timestamp, human-readable)
.ID ID of secret
.SecretData Secret Data (Displayed only with --showsecret option)
.Spec ... Details of secret
.Spec.Driver Driver info
.Spec.Driver.Name Driver name (string)
.Spec.Driver.Options ... Driver options (map of driver-specific options)
.Spec.Labels Labels for this secret
.Spec.Name Name of secret
.UpdatedAt When secret was last updated (relative timestamp, human-readable)

--noheading, -n

Omit the table headings from the listing.

--quiet, -q

Print secret IDs only.


$ podman secret ls
$ podman secret ls --format "{{.Name}}"
$ podman secret ls --filter name=confidential


podman(1), podman-secret(1)


January 2021, Originally compiled by Ashley Cui ⟨⟩