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podman-remote.conf(5) File Formats Manual podman-remote.conf(5)


podman-remote.conf - configuration file for the podman remote client


The libpod.conf file is the default configuration file for all tools using libpod to manage containers.

The podman-remote.conf file is the default configuration file for the podman remote client. It is in the TOML format. It is primarily used to keep track of the user's remote connections.


destination = ""
The hostname or IP address of the remote system

username = ""
The username to use when connecting to the remote system

default = bool
Denotes whether the connection is the default connection for the user. The default connection
is used when the user does not specify a destination or connection name to podman.

port = int
Use an alternative port for the ssh connections. The default port is 22.

identity_file = ""
Use an alternative location for the ssh private key

ignore_hosts = bool
Don't match the remote ssh host key with known hosts


The following example depicts a configuration file with two connections. One of the connections is designated as the default connection.


destination = "host1"
username = "homer"
default = true
destination = ""
username = "fedora"
port = 2222


/$HOME/.config/containers/podman-remote.conf, default location for the podman remote configuration file


May 2019, Originally compiled by Brent Baude ⟨⟩