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podman-image-inspect(1) General Commands Manual podman-image-inspect(1)


podman-image-inspect - Display an image's configuration


podman image inspect [options] image [image ...]


This displays the low-level information on images identified by name or ID. By default, this renders all results in a JSON array. If a format is specified, the given template is executed for each result.


--format, -f=format

Format the output using the given Go template. The keys of the returned JSON can be used as the values for the --format flag (see examples below).

Valid placeholders for the Go template are listed below:

Placeholder Description
.Annotations Annotation information included in the image
.Architecture Architecture of software in the image
.Author Image author
.Comment Image comment
.Config ... Structure with config info
.Created Image creation time (string, ISO3601)
.Digest Image digest (sha256:+64-char hash)
.GraphDriver ... Structure for the graph driver info
.HealthCheck ... Structure for the health check info
.History History information stored in image
.ID Image ID (full 64-char hash)
.Labels Label information included in the image
.ManifestType Manifest type of the image
.NamesHistory Name history information stored in image
.Os Operating system of software in the image
.Parent Parent image of the specified image
.RepoDigests Repository digests for the image
.RepoTags Repository tags for the image
.RootFS ... Structure for the root file system info
.Size Size of image, in bytes
.User Default user to execute the image as
.Version Image Version
.VirtualSize Virtual size of image, in bytes


$ podman image inspect fedora

"Id": "37e5619f4a8ca9dbc4d6c0ae7890625674a10dbcfb76201399e2aaddb40da17d",
"Digest": "sha256:1b0d4ddd99b1a8c8a80e885aafe6034c95f266da44ead992aab388e6aa91611a",
"RepoTags": [
"RepoDigests": [
"Parent": "",
"Comment": "Created by Image Factory",
"Created": "2021-08-09T05:48:47Z",
"Config": {
"Env": [
"Cmd": [
"Labels": {
"license": "MIT",
"name": "fedora",
"vendor": "Fedora Project",
"version": "34"
"Version": "1.10.1",
"Author": "",
"Architecture": "amd64",
"Os": "linux",
"Size": 183852302,
"VirtualSize": 183852302,
"GraphDriver": {
"Name": "overlay",
"Data": {
"UpperDir": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/0203e243f1ca4b6bb49371ecd21363212467ec6d7d3fa9f324cd4e78cc6b5fa2/diff",
"WorkDir": "/home/dwalsh/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/0203e243f1ca4b6bb49371ecd21363212467ec6d7d3fa9f324cd4e78cc6b5fa2/work"
"RootFS": {
"Type": "layers",
"Layers": [
"Labels": {
"license": "MIT",
"name": "fedora",
"vendor": "Fedora Project",
"version": "34"
"Annotations": {},
"ManifestType": "application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json",
"User": "",
"History": [
"created": "2021-08-09T05:48:47Z",
"comment": "Created by Image Factory"
"NamesHistory": [
} ]

$ podman image inspect --format '{{ .Id }}' fedora


podman(1), podman-image(1), podman-inspect(1)


Sep 2021, Originally compiled by Dan Walsh ⟨⟩