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dpt(1) Debian Perl packaging Tools dpt(1)


dpt - Debian Perl module packaging Tool


 dpt [I<global option>...] I<command> [I<command option...>]
 dpt --help


dpt is a helper tool for maintaining Perl module packages in Debian. All of the functions are implemented as sub-commands.


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alioth-repo - clone newly created repository to
Removed. Please use "dpt salsa pushrepo" as a successor. See dpt-salsa(1).
cd - change directory to a package working directory
See dpt-cd(1)
ci-failures - query for autopkgtest failures
See dpt-ci-failures(1).
clean-mr-repos - remove local repos which are gone from
See dpt-clean-mr-repos(1).
checkout - work on pkg-perl package
(also available as co)
See dpt-checkout(1).
dch-note - add notes/TODO items to debian/changelog
See dpt-dch-note(1).
debian-upstream - create debian/upstream/metadata file from META.{json,yml}
See dpt-debian-upstream(1).
forward - forward a bug or a patch upstream
See dpt-forward(1).
gc - swipe pkg-perl working directories
See dpt-gc(1).
gen-itp - aid for creating ITP bug reports
See dpt-gen-itp(1).
get-ubuntu-packages - list Ubuntu packages maintained by the group
See dpt-get-ubuntu-packages(1).
import-orig - "gbp import-orig" wrapper with upstream tracking support
See dpt-import-orig(1).
invite-github - Invite someone to GitHub team
See dpt-invite-github(1).
lp-mass-subscribe - subscribes the Ubuntu group to a list of packages
See dpt-lp-mass-subscribe(1).
missing-pristine-tar - remedy missing pristine-tar information
See dpt-missing-pristine-tar(1).
missing-upstream - remedy missing upstream branch/tags
See dpt-missing-upstream(1).
new-upstream - list packages with newer upstream versions
See dpt-new-upstream(1).
packagecheck - various package consistency checks
See dpt-packagecheck(1).
push - push relevant refs to "origin" remote
See dpt-push(1).
rename-uploader - mass-change of uploaded name/email
See dpt-rename-uploader(1). - repackaging helper
salsa - manage repositories and members on
See dpt-salsa(1).
shell-lib - shell integration
See dpt-shell-lib(1)
takeover - take over package maintenance
See dpt-takeover(1).
upstream-repo - add upstream Git repository as git remote upstream-repo
See dpt-upstream-repo(1).

For each command, see its manual page for more details.


.dpt.conf and .config/dpt.conf are sourced (in this order) and all variables starting with "DPT_" are exported to the environment before the command script is run.


Copyright (c) 2013 Damyan Ivanov <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

2020-07-18 pkg-perl-tools 0.62