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dpt-fixup(1) Debian Perl packaging Tools dpt-fixup(1)


dpt-fixup - apply some automatic fixes to packaging


dpt fixup


dpt fixup does some automatic cleanups and fixups for the packaging, with a focus on but not limited to Debian Perl Group packages. It is basically a wrapper around cme(1) and other tools.


Some of the changes done by tools called by dpt fixup need human double-checking. These fixes are only run if the "DPT_FIXUP_DOUBLECHECK" environment variable is set.

If you set this variable, please do double-check the changes made in the steps denoted by '(!)' in the output.

See dpt-config(5) for details.


This program is free software, licensed under the same terms as perl.

2022-12-26 pkg-perl-tools 0.73