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PIDCAT(1) User Commands PIDCAT(1)


pidcat - log filter and viewer for Android development


pidcat [-h] [-w N] [-l {loglevel}] [--color-gc] [--always-display-tags] [-s DEVICE_SERIAL] [-d] [-e] [package [package ...]]


An update to Jeff Sharkey's excellent logcat color script which only shows log entries for processes from a specific application package.

During application development you often want to only display log messages coming from your app. Unfortunately, because the process ID changes every time you deploy to the phone it becomes a challenge to grep for the right thing.

This script solves that problem by filtering by application package. Supply the target package as the sole argument to the python script and enjoy a more convenient development process.

Required Arguments:

Application package name(s)

Optional Arguments:

show this help message and exit
Width of log tag
Minimum level to be displayed
Color garbage collection
Always display the tag name
Device serial number (adb -s option)
Use first device for log input (adb -d option).
Use first emulator for log input (adb -e option).


This manual page was written by Harlan Lieberman-Berg for the Debian project, adapted from the help2man output.

January 2016 pidcat 1.4.1