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Math::BigInt::Calc(3perl) Perl Programmers Reference Guide Math::BigInt::Calc(3perl)


Math::BigInt::Calc - Pure Perl module to support Math::BigInt


    # to use it with Math::BigInt
    use Math::BigInt lib => 'Calc';

    # to use it with Math::BigFloat
    use Math::BigFloat lib => 'Calc';

    # to use it with Math::BigRat
    use Math::BigRat lib => 'Calc';


Math::BigInt::Calc inherits from Math::BigInt::Lib.

In this library, the numbers are represented in base B = 10**N, where N is the largest possible value that does not cause overflow in the intermediate computations. The base B elements are stored in an array, with the least significant element stored in array element zero. There are no leading zero elements, except a single zero element when the number is zero.

For instance, if B = 10000, the number 1234567890 is represented internally as [7890, 3456, 12].


Math::BigInt::Lib for a description of the API.

Alternative libraries Math::BigInt::FastCalc, Math::BigInt::GMP, and Math::BigInt::Pari.

Some of the modules that use these libraries Math::BigInt, Math::BigFloat, and Math::BigRat.

2020-06-07 perl v5.30.3