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PCManFM-Qt(1) User Commands PCManFM-Qt(1)


PCManFM-Qt - A lightweight Qt-based file manager for X Window.


pcmanfm-qt [OPTION...] [FILE1, FILE2,...]


PCMan File Manager Qt (PCManFM-Qt) is an extremely fast, lightweight, yet feature-rich file manager with tabbed browsing. It is the default file manager for the lightweight desktop environment LXQt.


Help Options:

Show help options

Application Options:

Set name of configuration profile
Run PCManFM as a daemon
Quit PCManFM
Launch desktop manager
Turn off desktop manager if it's running
Open desktop preference dialog on the page with the specified name
Set desktop wallpaper from image FILE
Set mode of desktop wallpaper. MODE=(color|stretch|fit|center|tile)
Open Preferences dialog on the page with the specified name
Open new window
Open Find Files utility


pcmanfm-qt was primarily written by Hong Jen Yee (PCMan) <>.

September 2014 pcmanfm-qt 1.2.1